"I've seen the beauty in mystery, and I've been afraid of the dark.
It's just a typical fear of the ocean and they'll never rule your heart."

Spring 2022

Here's to warmer weather!

Still counting my blessings as I'm still gainfully and happily employed. That's a good thing as my youngeset starts his college career in the fall. I'm on the back nine but still have a few more holes to go before I get to the club house...

An ole friend Jorge Muniz is hosting an open mic at Papous Pappou's Pizza Pub at 415 Baltimore Pike in Morton, PA. It's been going on a few weeks now and I think I'll be a regular. It's a cozy place with great food and a nice little sit down, coffee house feel. The open mic runs from 6pm-9pm so I think it's pretty clear the old people are taking over! LOL

Pappou's Pizza Pub
415 Baltimore Pike in Morton
Tuesday Evening From 6pm-9pm

As the years slip throgh the cracks..

Stay warm, be well and we'll see you in the funny papers!